The School of Social Sciences and Humanities (ECSH) aims at promoting the excellence of scientific research, as well as the advanced training of competent professionals with critical thinking and strong social involvement.

Our School offers a unique multidisciplinary environment for studying the most important issues currently facing the Portuguese society. Comprising scholars and researchers from the fields of Anthropology, Law, Political Economy, Development Studies and Psychology, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities was established as an important arena of openness and interdisciplinary debate, of education and of knowledge output.

The education we provide allows for continuity between an initial level of higher education (where three degrees are available) and an intermediate level (where approximately 20 Master degrees and postgraduate courses are offered), as well as a higher qualifying level, embodied in three doctoral programs. The linkage between teaching and the Research Centers which comprise the School also allows for inclusion of national and foreign researchers to develop post-doctoral projects in the research vectors pursued at the School.

The School’s group of scholars and highly qualified researchers, together with the frequent visiting Fellows from national and international renowned universities, contribute to a stimulating and diverse scientific environment for teaching and learning of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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