- The study cycle that leads to a master’s degree includes a mandatory  scientific dissertation or an applied project.

- The dissertation must concern an issue or topic in the domain of knowledge of the master’s. In the dissertation, this issue should be framed within the field by a review of the relevant literature; other components should include the dissertation’s proposed objectives, a description of the work performed, a critical discussion of the results obtained and their comparison to the current state of discipline, as well as a synthesis concluding with suggestions for future research.

- The project should also concern an issue or topic in the domain of knowledge of the master’s and present the outcomes, solutions and recommendations resulting from the experience acquired in its development. It should also include a theoretical grounding, an appropriate methodological justification and a critical analysis of the obtained results.

Rules & Templates

Presentation and Graphic Standardization Rules

- Department to which the Master belongs: Department of Marketing, Strategy and Operations

Capas de tese da Iscte Business School (Português) 

Cover templates for Iscte Business School (English)

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