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6 Years
30 Jul 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Ef 1030/2011 de 18-03-2011
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Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person

The Degree in Finance and Accounting ensures a solid global training in Management. It provides an advanced level of specialisation in the specific areas of accounting and auditing, as well as in the financial management of companies and markets. Graduates will be in a highly privileged position, with access to a wide range of professional activities and functions linked to business management. Besides, they will be endowed with knowledge and skills that constitute a preferential target for job offers. In their final year, students may choose one of two specialisations: Finance or Accounting. Thus, depending on their decision, they will be specially trained for the business environment in each of these fields.

Director(s) message

Rúben Silva Barros


Finance and accounting are ideal partners for a degree that is unique and differentiating, each one being particularly suited to strengthen and help the other.  


The Finance and Accounting degree focuses on the central issues in which we live, such as how the economy and organisations function, how resources are allocated and coordinated for organisations to achieve their goals, keeping people and nature in mind. In particular, finance and accounting provide the ideal means to analyse and inform the impact of organisations in the world.  


From a generic 1st year, two common years and a final year of specialisation, it allows you to have a global vision regarding the world and organisations, with a particular view on two areas that complement and energise each other.  


The degree will help you to better understand the world around you, to think clearly and analytically and to stimulate you intellectually.


In Portugal, the International Student Status grants foreign students from outside of the European Union a specific number of vacancies on the undergraduate degrees, as well as the possibility of applying directly at Iscte.

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The course is lectured in Portuguese. 

Specialization in Capital Markets and Securities Operations (Partnership with BNP Paribas)

Starting in the academic year 2020/21, an opportunity has arisen in three Iscte degrees: 

> Management; 

> Economics; 

> Finance and Accounting. 

The final year students of these courses will be able to specialize in Capital Markets and Securities Operations. 

This new specialization works in partnership with BNP Paribas. It presupposes a positive result in three specific curricular units: Financial Markets Operations, Investments, and Asset Management. Once they have completed the subjects, students applying to BNP Paribas will be admitted in a special and simplified recruitment process, without the need to take the usual pre-selection tests applied to all applicants. 

Teacher-Student Proximity

The close atmosphere between students and faculty is evident. It is embodied in collegial practices of managing the learning experience, in the intense support given to the economics students nucleus (NAE), in the existence of a weekly timetable to attend to students, in the provision of permanent contact via e-mail, and in close liaison with former students throughout their professional lives. 

With the exception of some first year subjects, all courses are organised in theoretical-practical classes. The aim is to increase the contact of each professor with their students and ensuring that each class has a number of students that favours the best possible learning experience. 

Thematic Workshops and Training

Iscte Business School promotes a wide range of extra-curricular activities to prepare students for the job market.

In addition, some thematic workshops and trainings are promoted throughout the academic year. Some examples are sessions to build CVs and Cover Letters, preparation sessions for Interviews, Psychotechnical Tests, Group Dynamics, among other initiatives. 

Students are informed in advance about the dates of the activities. 

Cofidis rewards the best undergraduate student in Finance & Accounting.


General information

3 years
Ingress exams
19 Mathematics A or 19 Mathematics A and 04 Economics or 19 Mathematics A and 09 Geography
Last placed grade
Teaching Type
In person
1.stYear 697.00
2.ndYear 697.00
3.rdYear 697.00
1.stYear 7000.00
2.ndYear 7000.00
3.rdYear 7000.00
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