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Events, Courses, and Workshops with Business Partners 2020 - 2024

The Master in Business Analytics has several activities, events and webinars offered by its corporate partners.  Below, you can find the updated list of activities:

Fidelidade at curricular course of Big Data Analytics | 2024/Apr/23

Unipartner | 18/Apr/2024

The Business Analytics students enjoyed an extremely valuable visit to Unipartner, a leading consultancy in technology and innovation. The journey provided an immersion into the professional world, offering students the opportunity to acquire practical and valuable insights.

The visit began with a workshop on Personal Marketing, which proved to be particularly enriching. This workshop allowed students to better understand the essential skills needed to integrate into a company like Unipartner, as well as strategies to enhance their CV and increase their professional value.

Following this, a roundtable discussion was held where three Unipartner employees shared their professional experiences, providing students with a detailed insight into the company's operations, the challenges faced by consultants, and the types of projects they are involved in.

The participation of CEO, Fernando Reino da Costa, was especially inspiring, demonstrating the company's openness to dialogue and personal interaction, enhancing Unipartner's image as a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Furthermore, the informal lunch allowed for greater interaction between students and professionals from different teams and departments, providing a relaxed environment for idea exchange and clarification of doubts.

In summary, the visit to Unipartner was well-organized and informative, as professionals showed remarkable openness towards the students, further enriching the experience of Business Analytics students.

SAP | 2024/Apr/18

On April 18th, the students of the Master's in Business Analytics conducted a visit to SAP, one of the world's leading companies in enterprise technology. Accompanied by Professor Raul Laureano, the students explored not only SAP's offices but also the work developed by the company, from revolutionary software solutions to advanced data analysis approaches. Every aspect of the visit highlighted SAP's dedication to offering cutting-edge solutions to its clients worldwide.

Furthermore, this visit allowed students to interact with professionals sharing valuable insights and perspectives on the ever-evolving business analytics landscape.


48 Horas de Business Analytics | 27 e 28 de Maio de 2021


Note: this event was held in Portuguese

O 48 horas de Business Analytics é um evento virtual pensado e organizado por estudantes do mestrado de Business Analytics da Iscte Business School.

Este evento foi criado com o objetivo principal de divulgar e promover a área do Analytics: uma área tão recente, mas que tem vindo a ganhar cada vez mais importância nas nossas vidas!

Acreditamos que se traduza, por isso, numa experiência enriquecedora para todos os que assistirão, desde estudantes que pretendam enveredar, futuramente, por esta área, a profissionais que já trabalham na mesma ou até mesmo qualquer pessoa que tenha interesse em Analytics.

Nos dias 27 e 28 de Maio de 2021, contamos com a presença de grandes personalidades ligadas ao Analytics, nas mais variadas vertentes, que partilharam as suas experiências profissionais, através de palestras e workshops. Para além disso, foi incluído o testemunho de estudantes que frequentam atualmente o mestrado, para que também possa conhecer a perspetiva de quem está a dar os primeiros passos.

Workshop Caseware IDEA |      12    /mar, from    14h00 to    17h30

An online Caseware IDEA workshop is being held on this date, offered by Engº Drumond de Freitas of JDF-Análise e Controle de Dados, Lda. and by Profª. Isabel Pedrosa (Coimbra Business School). The agenda will be the following:

> 14:00 – 15:30 - Roadmap of IDEA 10.4 

> 15:30 – 17:30 – Case study of data analysis and extraction in the context of anomaly detection and fraud 

IDEA is a data analytics tool, widely used in the context of audit and fraud detection. Don't miss this enriching opportunity to learn more about this program!

Workshop Power BI |     8   /mar, from    13h30 to   17h30

On this date, an online workshop on Power BI, offered by BI4ALL, will be available to the students of the MSc in Business Analytics. The agenda will be the following:

> General presentation of BI4ALL and the role of BI in associations

> Presentation of the Power BI Architecture

> From Zero to Data Analysis: Creation of a live application from scratch to knowledge creation

This workshop is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how to load data, create metrics, visualizations and use Power BI in Business Analytics!

Qlik Workshop |    9/feb, from    13h30 to 17h30

Qlik is a leading Analytics and BI platform. In this workshop, students of the Master in Business Analytics will be able to watch a general presentation of this solution, architecture and products, creating a live application from scratch.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn how to create data, metrics, visualizations and use the Qlik solution!


Bruno Horta Soares (CISA®, CGEIT®, CRISC™, PMP®, LEGO® Serious Play® Founder & Senior Advisor) returned to Iscte to share with the students of the Master in Business Analytics his experience in digital transformation and how businesses are changing and evolving. 

The workshop happened on November 9, from 8:30 to 12:30.


In 2020, IDC offered the students of the master in Business Analytics invitations for the IDC Directions® - the main event on IT and Digital Transformation in Portugal. The 2020 edition, happened on 28, 29, 30 of September, and on october 1st and 2nd (online), with the participation of more than 50 specialists that shared their knowledge and experience.


Xpand ITpartner of the Master in Business Analytics, invited Business Analytics master students to participate on the webinar below (in Portuguese).

Past Events

  • 18/nov, 13:30-17:30: Business Intelligence & Analytics. 
  • 24/set, 10h: Microsoft Power BI: Self-service analytics at enterprise scale
  • 13/out, 10h: Como gerar leads através de Marketing Automation
  • 15/out, 10h: Gerei leads através de Marketing Digital. E agora, como vendo?
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