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6 Years
30 Jul 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Ef 1072/2011 de 18-03-2011
Update registry R/A-Ef 1072/2011/AL01 de 21-02-2019 | R/A-Ef 1072/2011/AL02 de 22-09-2021


Catarina Delgado
 Ala Autónoma, Gabinete 236

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Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person
Lectured in Portuguese (Evening Classes)

The MSc in Financial Mathematics organized by Iscte Business School and the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon provides highly advanced training in the area of stochastic processes applied to Finance.

Director(s) message

Diana Mendes (Department of Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics - Iscte)

João Pedro Boto (FCUL)

Financial theory has become increasingly quantitative. At the same time, financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, pension funds, brokers and other institutions) have shown a growing demand for human resources with a strong quantitative and continuous appetite for training in the financial area to perform functions in the areas. financial risk management, financial innovation, and evaluation of financial instruments.

The MSc in Financial Mathematics aims to suppress the actual quantitative training in the area of ​​financial markets and is mainly intended for a degree in the areas of Mathematics, Physics or Engineering who intend to pursue a professional or research career in the area of ​​quantitative finance. Applications from graduates in Finance, Economics or Management can also be applied from a candidate's curriculum that shows a strong appetite for mathematics. Although the master's language is Portuguese, classes are taught in English whenever there are foreign students or teachers.

The Master in Financial Mathematics is supported by the Center for Mathematics and Fundamental Applications (CMAF) of the University of Lisbon.

Alumni Testemonials

Why choose the MSc in Financial Mathematics?

 Because it allows the theory of stochastic and differential calculus to be applied to concrete problems in financial markets

Because it provides the fundamentals and analytical techniques needed to pursue a professional career in the areas of financial asset management and risk management.

Because it is taught by a faculty with relevant scientific production and professional experience in the area of Financial Mathematics, including scientific publications in the most prestigious academic journals in the area, such as Mathematical Finance, Quantitative Finance, Review of Derivatives Research, Journal of Futures Markets, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis or the Journal of Derivatives

 Because it has a longer teaching load (4 terms) than usual and a high level of demand

Because it has been running uninterruptedly since 2005 and has already given rise to a large alumni, whose contact is maintained through regular seminars


General information

2 years
Teaching Type
In person
2023-12-18 00:01 - 2024-01-31 17:00
2024-02-01 00:01 - 2024-03-20 17:00
2024-03-21 00:01 - 2024-05-15 17:00
1.stYear 3900.00
2.ndYear 1300.00
* Information for 2024/2025

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