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6 Years
30 Jul 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Cr 217/2011 de 08-02-2012
Update registry R/A-Cr 217/2011/AL01 de 02-03-2015 | R/A-Cr 217/2011/AL02 de 04-12-2020 | R/A-Cr 217/2011/AL03 de 30-01-2023 | R/A-Cr 217/2011/AL04 de 18-04-2024
School of Sociology and Public Policy
Sedas Nunes Building (Building I), room 1E03
(+351) 210 464 015
9:30 - 18:00

Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-Iscte)

PhD Management
 Building 4, room 329
(+351) 210 464 195
monday to friday, 10:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00

Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person

The PhD Program in Political Science at ISCTE-IUL provides theoretical and methodological training that allows doctoral candidates to develop research on current issues with appropriate results in professional and research fields.

This training, which has a duration of 4 academic years, together with the agreements established with various entities, public and private, to carry out internships, allows feeding good employment expectations for future doctors.

The teaching staff has extensive experience in the fields of scientific research associated with the doctorate, as attested by the publications, participation in conferences and participation in research networks, both national and international, of the teachers/researchers involved. It also has extensive teaching experience in the main areas of the course, namely Political Science (PC) and International Relations (IR).

Whether in terms of research or teaching, the faculty specializes mainly in the following areas. For Political Science, elections, electoral behavior, political attitudes and political representation; democracy and democratization; political institutions; political elites; political and electoral communication; gender and politics; political regimes, social movements and citizenship. For International Relations, Europeanization; African politics; foreign policy; security policies; development policies; Middle East.

The relationship that exists between the Department of Political Science and Public Policies and the associated research centers - namely CIES-Iscte (Center for Research and Studies in Sociology, with valences in CP) and CEI-Iscte (Center for International Studies, with valences in IR) (centers that have always had "excellent" or "very good" ratings) - enables greater support to doctoral students for their doctoral theses.

The course has two areas of specialization, reflected in all the Course Units (always with a CP component and another IR component, and taught by teachers with a PhD and specialized in each area) and in terms of the thematic area of the Thesis:

  • PhD in Political Science - specialization in Political Science;
  • PhD in Political Science - specialization in International Relations.

The curricular part is concentrated in the two semesters of the first year of the course. The following three years are essentially devoted to the completion of the thesis, and there are also several seminars on various theoretical and methodological issues. Each year a cycle of international conferences will be organized in articulation with the other doctoral programs of the School of Sociology and Public Policy.

The coordination of the PhD programme is managed by:

  • Director, André Freire, Full Professor of Political Science, Senior Researcher at CIES-Iscte and Director Observatory of Democracy and Political Representation;
  • Coordinator of the International Relations Area, Giulia Daniele, Assistant Professor of History, Integrated Researcher at CEI-Iscte.

There may be a "merit scholarship" for candidates to this course.

There are also "3rd cycle scholarships", which imply pedagogical support from the scholarship holders to the professors, in a number to be decided annually by the ISCTE-IUL Management Board.

Useful links

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Doctoral Research Annual Progress Report in Political Science [PT/EN& Advisors Evaluation Report [PT/EN]

Director(s) message

André Freire

The comparative study of the interrelationships between societies and political systems, as well as the interrelationships between different states, is fundamental not only to understand, but also to transform the contemporary world.


General information

4 years
Teaching Type
In person
2023-12-18 00:01 - 2024-01-31 17:00
2024-02-01 00:01 - 2024-03-20 17:00
2024-03-21 00:01 - 2024-05-15 17:00
2024-05-16 00:01 - 2024-07-10 17:00
2024-07-11 00:01 - 2024-08-28 17:00
Tuitions (€) *
1.stYear 2000.00
2.ndYear 1400.00
3.rdYear 1400.00
4.thYear 1400.00
* Information for 2024/2025
School of Sociology and Public Policy
Sedas Nunes Building (Building I), room 1E03
(+351) 210 464 015
9:30 - 18:00
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