Conference Cycle
1º Ciclo Internacional de Conferências em Ação Humanitária

The 1st International Cycle of Conferences on Humanitarian Action, promoted by ISCTE-IUL, aims to emphasize and lead to reflection on the need and impact of humanitarian action in different national and international contexts.

Speakers are individuals who have stood out at national and / or international level for their collaboration in programs and campaigns of Humanitarian Action. The topics covered are developed in a perspective that involves several scientific areas, highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of ISCTE-IUL itself.

Admission is free.

Keynote speakers for 2019

António Pinto Ribeiro

Carlos Lopes

Gyöngyi Kovács

José Pedro Dionísio

Médicos Sem Fronteiras

Nuno Mota Pinto

Paulo Pedroso

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