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6 Years
30 Jul 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Cr 109/2014 de 22-07-2014
Update registry R/A-Cr 109/2014/AL01 de 04-12-2020

Tuition fee EU nationals (2024/2025)

1.stYear 2500.00 €
2.rdYear 1250.00 €
Lectured in English
Teaching Type In person

In addition to the common core of mandatory courses, students are free to create their own path in subject areas such as Africa, India, China, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Transatlantic Studies, and International Management. Students who choose two optional courses in the same area and prepare a dissertation on this regional or thematic specialization will have that choice recognized and mentioned in their diploma supplement. 

Programme Structure for 2024/2025

1st Year
Anthropology, Citizenship and Human Rights
6.0 ECTS
Europe as A Global Actor
6.0 ECTS
Globalization and Governance in International Relations
6.0 ECTS
History and Theory of International Relations
6.0 ECTS
International Organizations, N.G.O.S and Social Movements
6.0 ECTS
Conflicts, Peace-Building and International Regulation
6.0 ECTS
Research Design
6.0 ECTS
Globalization and Development Challenges
6.0 ECTS
Nationalism and Ethnicity in the International System
6.0 ECTS
2nd Year
Master Dissertation in International Studies
48.0 ECTS
Master Project in International Studies
48.0 ECTS
2nd Cycle Internship
6.0 ECTS

Recommended optative

Optional courses will only be held if they achieve a minimum number of enrollments.

1sr year | 2nd semester

00022  | State and Politics in Africa

02081  | Political Dynamics of the Mena Region

 02491 | Contemporary China

03310  | International Organizations

03394  | Corporate Governance (Sege)

M8533 | Global Business and Management

2nd year | 1st semester

00809  | Intercultural Management (2nd Cycle)

02859  | Global Challenges

03219  | International Management, Ethics and Social Responsibility

Other recommended methodological courses

00555  | Using Statistical Indicators

M8106 | Archives and Other Sources Studies

M8109 | Field Research 

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