Master (MSc)


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6 Years
30 Jul 2020
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Cr 77/2013 de 31-05-2013
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Lectured in Portuguese and English
Teaching Type In person

The Master in Sociology prepares its graduates for highly qualified professional careers in public and private sectors, and in organizations of civil society, at local, national and international levels, and in diverse fields, such as:

  • Development projects
  • Environmental protection and sustainability promotion
  • Health care system
  • Human resources and organizational change
  • Intercultural relations
  • Labor negotiations and associations
  • Media and corporate communication
  • Opinion polls
  • Planning, evaluation and market research
  • Political advisory and marketing
  • Professional and adult education
  • Public administration
  • Scientific and technological development
  • Scientific research
  • Security and national defense
  • Social, cultural and educational projects
  • Social innovation
  • Social reintegration
  • Social responsibility in organizations
  • Teaching
  • Territorial planning
Alumni testimonies
Manuel Gomes
This Master is optimally structured with an excellent relation between the contents of the courses. It provides a broad range of choices and it’s easy to find the areas of knowledge of our interest. It includes courses of Methodology and Theory allowing us to attain the main objective of a Master course – learning how to do Science. The combination of all these factors decisively helps the students to achieve a career according to their vocation.
Filipa Godinho
Through the apprenticeship of theories and sociological methods, and above all through the close contact that is established between students and professors (that follow and support students along the whole process), the Master in Sociology of Iscte crucially develops our conscience of the classical and contemporary debates that acquire today, more than ever, a primordial relevance.
Sarah Owen
I found this Master informative, engaging, and thought-provoking. The teachers (local and international) have all been so fantastic. The diversity in teaching styles and content/context has been super rich. I've also enjoyed connecting with global colleagues and expanding my knowledge on other cultures/geographic learnings.
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