Bachelor (BSc)


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6 Years
20 May 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Cr 27/2019 de 14-06-2019
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Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person

There is a recognized shortage of professionals in the area of Data Science, both nationally and internationally, which implies a high diversity of job offers for a graduate in Data Science (Data Scientist). Being at Iscte, interdisciplinarity is one of the defining characteristics of the institution.

The degree offers, besides the basic training, a multidisciplinary training in Management, Information Management, Computer Science, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence. This is an unparalleled training, at the level of the best international universities, which allows a rapid integration of our students into national or international organizations in the most diverse sectors of professional activity.

We are the first university in Portugal to offer such undergraduate programme.

The BSc in Data Science at Iscte benefits from:

- More than 40 years of teaching experience in more than 70 undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees, as well as postgraduate programmes;

- A tradition of excellence in terms of employability;

- An atmosphere of close proximity and mutual help between faculty and students: in addition to having a weekly timetable to attend to students, contacts are made available in order to keep the various channels of communication open and accessible;

- Alumni (former Iscte students) keep in touch throughout their professional life, promoting cooperation and sharing opportunities;

- An open and multidisciplinary campus that encourages communication and coexistence between different visions.

All subjects are organised in theoretical-practical classes, guided towards a Project-Oriented paradigm, increasing the contact of each teacher with their students. In addition, we ensure that each class has a number of students that favours this connection, crucial to a good learning experience.

Training and Workshops

Workshops, open classes and conversations with invited speakers are some of the activities that occur throughout the semesters.

Additionally, in order to increase soft skills, some trainings are offered throughout the school year, such as Professional Presentation, Interview Workshop, Group Dynamics and CV Coaching.

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