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6 Years
30 Jul 2019
Accreditation DGES
Initial registry R/A-Cr 26/2019 de 05-09-2019
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Tuition fee EU nationals (2024/2025)

1.stYear 4000.00 €
2.rdYear 1800.00 €
At this moment, all vacancies for this course are filled
Lectured in Portuguese
Teaching Type In person

Programme Structure for 2024/2025

1st Year
Exploratory Data Analysis
6.0 ECTS
Unstructured Data Analytics
6.0 ECTS
Business Analytics Applications
6.0 ECTS
Strategy and Reporting
6.0 ECTS
Database Management
6.0 ECTS
Predictive Analytics
6.0 ECTS
Prescriptive Analytics
6.0 ECTS
Big Data Analytics
6.0 ECTS
Seminar in Business Analytics
6.0 ECTS
2nd Year
Research Project Seminar in Business Analytics
6.0 ECTS
Master Dissertation in Business Analytics
42.0 ECTS
Master Project in Business Analytics
42.0 ECTS

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The degree aims to endow students with the ability to know necessary analytical instruments and know-how to recommend and use them in academic and professional fields. It allows students to develop business solutions based on analytics. In particular, allows to acquire the skills needed to foster a smooth transition into the job market, namely:

 The ability to communicate orally and to write analyses and conclusions, as well as the knowledge and the reasoning underlying them, both to experts and non-experts

 The ability to show critical thinking skills, integrate knowledge, handle complex issues, develop solutions and make judgments in situations of limited or incomplete information

 The ability to show knowledge of relevant theories and models in the field of BA, including its concepts, theories, methods, and techniques

The ability to solve problems in the field of business, apply the acquired knowledge and skills to identify and solve problems, in new or unfamiliar situations

The learning outcomes to be attained by students upon attendance of the theoretical-practical classes and the accomplishment of group works are, among others:

 To produce a well-structured document and clearly identify the relevant key messages within a written document on a (business) analytics problem

 To recognize the significance of data in management

 To select and interpret data and references from academic and non-academic sources

 To effectively analyze problems, outlining well-grounded conclusions or solutions

 To reveal knowledge of the existing market analytical methodologies and tools

 To understand the framework for a Business Analytics project and assess the success of projects

 To exhibit proficiency in Business Analytics research and/or project development

To be acquainted with computer tools, statistical and analytics packages, either open-source or commercial, suitable for diverse business problems

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