Institutional • 21 Nov 2019
The “United Nations” that Study at Iscte

Today, the Iscte community is composed of an array of nations from the six continents. Among the university’s more than 10 thousand students, 98 different nationalities are represented, with international students consisting of 21% of the student population.   

In 2019, we have more than 2000 international students of 98 different nationalities attending Iscte, which corresponds to 21% of the total student community. Among the teaching staff, 37 individuals come from abroad, and 219 members work in cooperative activities with international universities.

This current situation differs substantially from that at the beginning of the decade. Between 2011 and 2019, the number of international students that chose Iscte for pursuing their studies has increased by 85.5%. In 2011, among our students, there were 1100 non-nationals, representing about 13% of the student body. Among the professors, 126 were involved in international activities, and 35 were individuals of foreign origin.

Today, there are 2041 international students from 98 nationalities studying at the institution, corresponding to 21% of the university’s total students. The most represented countries of origin among the Iscte population are Germany, the United States of America and Brazil.  

With respect to its curricular programs, Iscte offered 29 classes lectured in English in its undergraduate courses during the academic year of 2010/2011. Currently, we present more than 45 degree programs administered in languages besides Portuguese across all levels of higher education.

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