The Universities Portugal Project is an association that unites Portugal's most prestigious public universities, aiming to present Portugal as a competitive destination to begin or continue higher education studies and position the country competitively in the international market. 

The Universities Portugal association includes 16 Portuguese public universities:

The Lisbon Region Consortium of the Universities Portugal Project - Connecting Knowledge

The Lisbon Region Consortium of the Universities Portugal Project - Connecting Knowledge brings together 5 of the most distinguished Universities in Lisbon, one of the safest and most affordable capitals in Europe, with leading international rankings: Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon, Universidade Aberta, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, University of  Lisbon, and the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. 

Project Overwiew


Project Title | UniversitiesPortugal - ConnectingKnowledge

Project Code | LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER- 046563

Main Objective |Integrated International Promotion and Prospection of New Markets for Universities

Intervention Region | Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Beneficiary Entity | Project in Co-Integration with the following Beneficiaries

  • ISCTE - Co-Promoter in Leadership
  • University NOVA de Lisboa
  • University Aberta
  • University Portuguese Catholic University
  • University of Lisbon

Date of Approval | 18-11-2020

Start Date | 01-12-2020

Date of Conclusion | 30-06-2023

Total Eligible Costs | 655. 565,24 EU

European Union Financial Support - ERDF - 262.226,10 EU

National/Regional Public Financial Support - 393. 339,14 EUR

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

Common strategy for the international promotion of the Universities of the region of Lisbon, aiming at strengthening the visibility of the institutions and their training offer, attracting students and increasing the exports of education, entrepreneurship, innovation and empowerment of the business environment. Prospection, knowledge and access to new markets, with the organization of fairs, congresses and events for the integrated international promotion of the training and services offer.

Universities Portugal - Connecting Knowledge

The Lisbon Region consortium


The North, Central and Alentejo Regional consortium


Iscte point of contact

Alejandra Ortiz

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