Online applications are to be submitted by 5pm (Portuguese time) on the deadline set for each phase.

Undergraduate (International Student) & Postgraduate (Masters, Postgraduate and PhD)
Check the page of each programme and find relevant dates and information here.

- Appeals can be filed within 5 working days of the publication of results; enrollments resulting from satisfied appeals should take place in the 2 working days following the decision.
- The opening of the next application phase is conditional on the existence of vacant places.


Applications will only be considered as valid if the application fee is paid within the application deadline of the respective round. This fee must be paid within three (3) days upon submission. This fee is non-refundable in cases of withdrawal, rejection or expulsion from a course.

Fee for all application rounds: € 70



The reservation fee guarantees a vacancy for admitted and conditionally admitted applicants, and the access to enrollment. The amount of the fee is variable and can be confirmed on each program web pages.

This fee must be paid within five (5) days after the results are announced, according to the applications calendar.

The amount paid is deducted from the tuition fee and is not refundable in case of dropout or cancellation.


  • Digital photo
  • Copy of citizen card (or equivalent)
  • Copies of previous educational certificates and respective classifications
  • Transcripts of records with all courses and grades
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of language proficiency, according to the teaching language of the programme the candidate is applying to (B1 minimum, not applicable to applicants whose mother tangue is the teaching language)
  • Other documents requested by the programme


  • Digital photo
  • Copy of citizen card (or equivalent)
  • Copy of fiscal card (or equivalent)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of previous educational certificates and respective classifications
    • Students who are still completing their undergraduate degree must finish before the end of September.
    • Students who are still completing their master degree should finish before the end of November.
  • Transcripts of records with all courses and grades
  • Other documents requested by the programme


Students with diplomas or certificates issued by foreign higher education institutions must ensure that the documents submitted in their application:

  • Make reference to the final classification obtained to conclude the degree and its respective scale.
  • Are complemented by a supporting document that lists the courses taken to complete the degree, the student's marks in those courses and the length of the programme.
  • Are accompanied by a certified translation, whenever these documents are produced in a language other than Spanish, French, English or Italian.

The application will not be considered if the submitted documents do not fulfill these conditions.

The registration and enrollment of admitted students requires the original copies of all documentation to be submitted during the application phase; otherwise, the application will be cancelled. In this context, certificates or diplomas issued by foreign higher education institutions outside the Bologna area must be recognized by the local Portuguese consular agent and/or certified by the apostille system under the terms of the Hague Convention.

Is it possible to submit my application in person?

No. The application must be done online through the platform Fénix+.  

Are applicants from Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) considered international students?

By law, this status also applies to applicants from the PALOP. However, applicants to Iscte master degrees who are PALOP nationals, by deliberation, will pay the same tuition fee as a Portuguese student. Currently, PhD students are not included under this status.

Is the tuition fee for international students different from the one for Portuguese students?

Yes. Please access the relevant information in the programmes’ pages or here.

Can applicants who have not yet completed their undergraduate degree apply to an Iscte master?

Yes. Applicants in this situation have until September to conclude the degree.

Yes! I was admitted. What now?

If admitted, you must pay the reservation fee within five days of the publication of results, according to the deadline in the admission email.

What is the reservation fee?

The reservation fee guarantees an admitted or conditionally admitted applicant a place in their course, and the access to the registration and enrollment process. The fee must be paid within five days of the publication of results, according to the general schedule of applications.


The application must be made online through the Fénix+ system, until 17:00 (Portuguese time) on the deadline set for each phase.


After submitting the application, the system will prompt the applicant to pay the application fee. The application is only considered valid after this payment and submission of proof in the Fénix+ system.
The application fee must be paid during the application period. Applications without payment after the end of this period are not considered valid.


The Committee for the Analysis of Applications considers all applications that have been paid, applying the selection and serialization criteria, and prepares a ranked list of applicants according to the course vacancies available at each stage.


Candidates are notified of the results of their application by an email sent to the address provided at the time of application.


Admitted and conditionally admitted applicants receive the necessary information for paying the reservation fee in the admission notification.


Registration is done online in the Fénix+ system, after payment of the reservation fee.


Enrollment is done online in the Fénix+ system, according to the academic calendar. This can coincide with registration, or at a later date.


The tuition fee will be available in the Fénix+ system immediately after registration. The student has five (5) days to pay the due amount.


Under the rules of the International Student Statute, applicants that wish to enroll in the Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s courses at Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon will be assigned an admission score according to the following criteria:

a)    The average final mark (on a scale from 0 to 20) the applicant obtained in secondary school, which will contribute 60% to the final admission score;

b)    The mark(s) (on a scale from 0 to 20) the applicant obtained in the specific subject(s) in secondary education listed under “Specific Exams” for the course in question (to make entry accessible for students with backgrounds in specific disciplines), which will contribute 40% to the applicant’s final admission score.

An applicant’s final admission score will be the average of the marks stated in paragraphs a) and b) and will be given on a scale from 0 to 20, rounded to the nearest whole number.

For entry into this admission contest, applicants must provide:

- Proof of conclusion of secondary education along with the marks and averages referenced in the previous paragraph, with clarifications as to the scale of each given mark (i.e. the minimum and maximum value);
- A letter of motivation indicating the reasons for the applicant’s interest in both Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon and the specific course to which they are applying;
- Proof of linguistic proficiency in the language of instruction for the course to which they are applying (minimum of level B1 within the Common European Framework of Reference). This criterion is not applicable to candidates from Portuguese-English speaking countries as well as Spanish/Castilian speaking candidates.

Only applicants with final admission scores equal to or above the value of 10 (on a scale from 0 to 20) will be admitted.

Applicants granted admission with a final mark and/or marks in in specific subjects referenced in paragraph b) below the value of 13, as well as those who demonstrate oral and/or written linguistic proficiency of a degree that could hinder their academic success, may be required to reinforce fundamental skills for their course through preliminary attendance of curricular units indicated by the Commission for Application Analysis.

Applicants not admited due to a lack of programme vacancies will be designated as alternates and may be accepted by order of admission score, in the event of any withdrawal of admitted students.


  • Check the ranking and admission criteria available in section "Application" on the webpage of each programme

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The opening of programmes is subject to a minimum number of enrollments.

Please check the specific calendars available on the webpage of each programme.

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