Iscte's mission is to produce, convey and transmit scientific knowledge in accordance with international standards, providing economic, social and cultural value to society.

The strategy for conducting excellent research at Iscte involves establishing objectives for increasing cutting-edge investigation, internationalization, and quality assurance in education, as well as creating conditions that foster the development of an organizational culture that prioritizes entrepreneurship, innovation and the transfer of knowledge to society.

Research activities are crucial to Iscte. They fulfill its mission of advancing knowledge in the Institute’s main areas of expertise by producing scientific information and participating in international programmes and networks. These activities and their results are furthermore used to design and update the univeristy's academic programmes, and make vital components of the education of PhD students, as well as that of students in the Master’s and undergraduate programmes.

Overall research objectives:

  • Increase scientific output and its internationalization
  • Promote the practical application of knowledge to institutions, the economy and society
  • Strengthen the bonds between research and education
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