The University Sports Unit (UniSport) was created in September 2018 to promote sport within ISCTE.

Our main objectives are: ensuring the wellbeing of the entire academic community, creating conditions for integrating high-caliber athletic performance and life (dual career), including new students and employees, bringing sports values into the education of all our students.

Goals for Iscte UniSport

  • Design and implement a sports activity plan for Iscte, including designing and implementing a broad sports programme that includes training, recreation, wellbeing and competition, as well as supporting Iscte student-athletes and official competition activities.
  • Create and/or support formal or informal sports groups that include all members of the Iscte community;
  • Collaborate with all Iscte associations in planning and sports development as well “wellbeing activities;”
  • Ensure the management of sporting events;
  • Manage the sports facilities in the campus;
  • Propose partnerships with other institutions to respond internal demand.
  • Strengthen Iscte's image and get involved in national and international collaborative networks in the field of university sports;
  • Collaborate with Iscte services and departments to achieve the Institute's strategic objectives.


Our Commitment

The University Sports Management Unit is committed to:

  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive sports activity programme that meets the needs and preferences of the Iscte academic community;
  • Managing campus sports facilities, ensuring accessibility, safety and comfort for all users and all activities, and solving all reported needs within 24 hours;
  • Supporting all formal and informal sports-related Iscte groups, providing logistic and technical support and participating in the organization of events;
  • Designing and implementing a dual-career programme for student-athletes by understanding the needs and potential of each athlete, following their life plan as an Iscte student and establishing the necessary partnerships for their future career;
  • Gaining knowledge about the trends in sports in Higher Education, participating in research and collaborative networks, and (by understanding the preferences of our community), adapting these trends to our reality;
  • Proactively collaborating with all Iscte schools, services and departments to achieve all strategic objectives of our University.


The Iscte UniSport is hierarchically and functionally dependent on the Rectory.

The allocation of all resources and personnel necessary for the operation of the services is the responsibility of the Iscte Administration.

The coordination of the Sports Services is ensured by Duarte Nuno Fernandes Lopes.

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