The complexity of the problems in health calls for its resolution the contribution of all disciplines and scientific areas with pluridiscilinary and holistic approaches. For over 20 years Iscte has accumulated experience in the area of health. In this field, Iscte-Health aims to mark the academic and health sectors guaranteeing higher visibility and reputation alongside internal and externa synergies.

This strategic positioning and the definition of clear objectives in the areas of executive education, post-graduate studies, consulting and research are fundamentally critical conditions for Iscte to participate in the challenges of knowledge development and in the creation of new competencies in the health sector in Portugal and beyond.

Iscte-Health is a cross-disciplinary academic effort involving all of Icste-IUL, undertaken with the purpose of contributing to a better response to the challenges of health in today’s society; through the joining up of Iscte’s research, education and intervention in its social sciences, management and technology areas.

Iscte Health
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