A definition of Societal health is needed at the on start of Iscte-Health as something simultaneously unifier, provocateur but also a pointer to a path to follow. Without defining this concept, always in construction, we may get lost. The more than 30 scholars who have mobilized around health but also our audience. In the labyrinth of complexities that an holistic approach to such a transversal societal topic always entails. It does not make sense, however, build and define concepts in isolation when, in the silence of the past, Iscte has been “creating” health. In its own way. There was and there is health in Iscte! So, from the collection of dozens of small lights, and its alignment, a shining lighthouse can be made. If we open this text conceptualizing, in a necessarily incomplete manner, its silhouette, we close by joining, highlighting and aligning the small lights which allowed Iscte to see and act upon health and society.

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