Nomination and registration

This information applies to students coming from partner universities. If a student is coming from a non-partner university and wishes to attend a semester at Iscte, kindly visit the section Visiting Student.

The home institutions of students applying for academic exchange are responsible for the administrative aspects of the student admission process, in cooperation with the Iscte International Relations Office (IRO).

Please consult our Fact Sheet ISCTE_PLISBOA07_FactSheet



Students have to be nominated by their universities through Iscte’s online nomination system, within the stipulated deadlines:

  • For 1st semester or full academic year: by June 1st
  • For 2nd semester: by November 1st

Early nominations are recommended.

We do not accept individuals nominations.



Once the nomination has been validated, the student will receive a login and a password to access the Iscte system.

We do not require the submission of an application form, but nominated students should complete and update their personal and academic details on the Iscte System.

The following documents are mandatory and must be uploaded into the system:

  1. Passport format photo in .JPG format (only a formal photo will be accepted);
  2. Copy of ID card/passport;
  3. Copy of health insurance/European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) valid for the period of stay;
  4. If applicable, visa details (number, country, issue date, expiration date).


Students are allowed to log in multiple times and make the necessary changes.

Course registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we strongly recommend that students select courses that fulfil their programmes of study at their home universities as soon as possible.

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